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The History of the Scout Troop

Our Scouts Troop was started in 1941, initially as a Sea Scout Group meeting in the Vicars room, Great Amwell. The Troop performed well in Sea Scouting activities, took part in local competition and went camping frequently.

The Troop initially had three patrols, Bulldogs, Seagulls and Swifts with 20 or so Scouts regularly attending weekly meetings. The "Bulldogs" patrol still remains in use today. 

Some of the original 1941 Sea Scouts are listed below:

Alan Osborne, Alan Parker, Alan Reynolds, Brian Taylor, Bryan Bull, David Harradine, David Marques, Geoff Bunn, Gordon Sanders, John Atkins, John Ironside,  Kenneth Jennings, Kenneth Parker, Michael Bland, Michael Jennings, Michael Willbourne, Norman Gadd  (PL), Norman Vines, Peter Cottrell, Richard Sidey and Tony De Lozey  

The Group was closed down for a short period of time in 1959, due to leader shortages  It was reopened as a Scout group in 1960 by Mr William Berry and his wife Olive.

Since then the Troop has gained in strength and by the 1980s we had four patrols Bulldogs, Eagles, Petrel’s and Swifts

Although historically there have always been fluctuations in numbers, in 2009 we had 31 Scouts split into five patrols, Bulldogs, Tigers, Falcons, Wolves and Eagles

Our full history can be viewed on the History page within this website

 The new Scout program

The Troop has always used a well balanced program which has allowed Scouts to achieve a variety of awards, challenges and other badges. Some of these have been worked on in a group, others chosen and completed by the individual.

Since the introduction of the World Wide Web it has become a means in providing scouting skills and subject material used in specific scout activities. Some examples used within the troop over past years are listed opposite.