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History of Great Amwell Cubs

Our first Cub Scouts pack was introduced in 1941. They were initially called Wolf Cubs and met in the Vicars rooms, Great Amwell. The pack had a good take up of boys, but a shortage of leaders forced the it to close for a short period in 1959.

The Cub pack was re-opened in 1960 by Mr William Berry and his wife Olive.

A second Cub pack opened in 1983 to cater for ever increasing number of boys wanting to join. This pack ran until 1990, when leader shortages forced our two packs to consolidate.

A new Cub pack was again introduced in May 2008 to reduce large waiting lists across Ware and District.

Our full history can be viewed on the history page within this site.

Cub Awards Scheme

Cubs have always had a challenging time and many award badges to undertake. Over the years the Award schemes have been reviewed by the Scout Association to ensure that it satisfies current expectations. (see award scheme link)