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Guard of Honour at the Crowning Ceremony of the Merchant Navy “Queen”.

On Saturday 5th May 1945, at the Drill Hall in Ware, Barbara Burgess (Queen) was escorted to the platform by Dr. W.G. Stewart for the Merchant Navy crowning ceremony.
Barbara Burgess [1929-1984] was a distant cousin (5th cousin removed) of Tony Burgess who was a Sea Scout at the time and who kindly supplied this photograph. Barbara's father was Councillor T.H Burgess who was Chairman of the Merchant Navy Week.
Great Amwell Sea Scouts formed the Guard of Honour. (2nd and 3rd Ware Scouts were also present along with local children in fancy dress. 
There was to have been a fete at The Priory, but due to the weather this was held in The Drill Hall. During the fete the Ware Town Band played and a total of £1480 was raised.
Prior to the crowning ceremony, Barbara Burgess was elected "Queen" by the members of the Ware Youth Centre (recorded in the Mercury on 27th April 1945). Her Maids of Honour were Anita Titmarsh and Jean Webster.
The ship in the background of the photo may suggest that this event was also part of the local war time fund raising activities. Alternatively the Ships photo could have been used previously during the "Ware Warship" Week
If anyone could help to put a name to a face, or have further information on this event, please let me know.
Information so far:


Left when looking at photo, right of Queen; from the front:
1. too blurred
2. too blurred
3. Philip Castle
4. John Ironside
5. Peter Dixon [no cap band]
6. Could be Alan Parker
7.  taller ??
8. Could this be Michael Jennings?


Right when looking at photo, left of Barbara; from the front:
1. Tony Burgess
2. ????
3. Could be David Marques, but not 100%
4. Geoff Bunn
5. David Harradine
6. cant see, shorter?
7. ????
8. ????


On the reverse of the photograph is printed Barratt’s Photographers, Ludgate House  107-110 Fleet St.  EC4    CENtral 7784-5. It is assumed that the photo was commissioned by someone in The Merchant Navy Weeks organisation. 
Ware “Queen” ceremony  

Scouts Honour two Great Amwell Sea Scout Leaders (12 March 1948)

Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts, Dr L R Pears, presenting Mrs Hilda Warren, Assistant District Commissioner (Cubs), with a Medal of Merit for distinguished service to the Boy Scout Movement. The other recipient was Rev T. G. Leech, of Great Amwell, who has been in charge of Great Amwell Sea Scouts. The presentations were made at Ware last Week.
Rev T. G. Leech was at the time our Group Sea Scout Leader (1945 to 1949), but had previously set up the Group and held the position of Sea Scout Leader between 1941 and 1945
Mrs Hilda Warren was at the time our Sea Scout Cub Leader (1947 to 1955).
The other person at the back of the picture is unknown. If you can fill in the missing name, please contact Anthony Dakin - History Webmaster.
Rev T G Leech
Photograph courtesy of
Hertfordshire Mercury

Commissioner of Sea Scout visits Great Amwell (12 Sept 1949)

Lieutenant Commander William Horace Taylor, G.C G.C MBE (sitting front centre), travelling Commissioner for Sea Scouts, is seen with Scout officials when visiting Great Amwell on Monday evening. With him at the table are Mr L. P Thompson-McCausland (left), president, Ware and District Local Scouts’ Association, and Captain W H Ricketts (right), a member of Great Amwell Sea Scouts’ Committee
Others pictured and standing from left to right: Unknown, John Ironside [Assistant Scout Leader], Mr. Warren [District Commissioner], Revd Edward C. Walker [Group Sea Scout Leader] holding cup, Unknown, C. P. Parmee[Sea Scout Leaders], unknown, Mr. McNaughton [Assistant District Commissioner] , unkown.
If you can fill in the missing names, please contact Anthony Dakin - History Webmaster.
Commissioner Visit 1949
Photograph courtesy of
Hertfordshire Mercury